Welcome to BISCT!

We are pleased to announce our brand new Boston Bodywork Program, a 500-hour Certification course in Shiatsu & Complementary Therapies. Commencing in September, 2003, the program features multidisciplinary bodywork training integrating Eastern and Western technique, as well as instruction on how to establish and run your own bodywork practice. In just under a year, you can complete the 500 hours required for certification, get your license and start to work!

In the spirit of the inauguration of our new program, we are drastically discounting the tuition of our Fall 2003 program for the first 100 accepted applicants from $6500 to $4950. click here

Summer Basic Course
Tuesdays & Thursdays, 6-10pm, June 10 - Aug 14
click here

Introductory Workshop
Sat, June 21, 10am-4pm
Sat, July 26, 10am-4pm

This six-hour workshop will acquaint you the basics of our Shiatsu form and allow you to meet our faculty and students, as well as experience a Shiatsu treatment for yourself. Come to our Introductory Workshop to learn how the Boston Bodywork Program might be your best choice to start a new career in the healing arts. Cost $25. Space is limited for each workshop. Call (617)661-1260 or email us to register.

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