Shiatsu & Complementary Therapies Clinic

Shiatsu is a Japanese word meaning "finger pressure". Its roots go as far back as the origins of traditional Asian medicine. Shiatsu is a system of bodywork that relies upon stretches, joint movements, and -primarily- pressure along meridian pathways. The aim of shiatsu is to balance the "ki" or 'vital energy' of the body. In this regard, it is similar to Acupressure, with the exception that Shiatsu focuses more on meridian pathways than individual points.

Zen Shiatsu is the lineage that is taught and practiced at the Boston Institute of Shiatsu and Complementary Therapies. The unique contribution of Zen Shiatsu is abdominal or 'Hara' diagnosis, which enables the practitioner to get an accurate picture of the energy balance in a client's body. Using this knowledge the practitioner will then treat the meridians with the intention of balancing any excesses or deficiencies. Clients often report feeling euphoric, rested or energized after a treatment, and many notice relief from chronic or acute physical and mental conditions.

BISCT offers Shiatsu treatments in our Student Clinic at a discounted rate. Students have had at least 400 hours of training and are supervised by an instructor. Appointments are available during designated Student Clinic hours only, which fluxuate from semester to semester. Professional treatments, in both Shiatsu and other complementary therapies, are scheduled by appointment according to the availability of the practitioner.

Please call (617) 661-1260 to book an appointment.


A therapeutic treatment using a gentle but firm touch to stimulate and unblock the body's energetic meridians combined with gentle stretches and joint manipulations.

$50/hour (Professional Clinic)
$30/hour (Student Clinic)

Integrated Oil Massage

A unique blend of Eastern and Western massage that targets muscles and energetic meridians. Light oil is massaged over the body to warm and relax the muscles using deeper pressure in tight areas. A Zen Shiatsu assessment of the body and emotional state guides the treatment through tonification and sedation of the appropriate meridians and provides the client with positive feedback for improving one's quality of life.
$60 (60 min)

Ayurvedic Massage

Invigorate and revitalize your body with warm aromatherapeutic oil. This massage uses a good amount of quality, organic oil to replenish and nourish the body. Ayurvedic Massage techniques are designed to detoxify and rejuvenate the muscle and connective tissue, drain the lymphatic system and improve circulation.
$60 (60 min)

Heated Stone Massage

A deeply relaxing and luxurious massage integrating Ayurvedic massage techniques with the art of stone bodywork. Smooth, heated stones are glided and laid upon the body using warm, aromatherapeutic oil. An extremely popular treatment, the heated stone massage is highly restorative and nurturing.
$80 (75 min)

Neuromuscular Facilitated Stretching Therapy

Developed by one of our own instructors, NFS targets the connective and nervous tissue of the body. Tapping into the fascial planes with powerful stretches, the practitioner can help clients find relief from backaches, sciatica and may other common ailments. Marathoners and other athletes have experienced beating their own personal records after just one NFS session! As one of our most popular treatments, this therapy must be experienced to be believed.
$40 (30 min)

Barefoot Shiatsu

Using a 'whole body' approach, Barefoot Shiatsu is considered deep tissue Shiatsu. The practitioner will apply pressure using hands, knuckles, thumbs, feet, elbows and/or knees over all the meridians of the body. The treatment is similar to Thai Massage in its emphasis on flexibility and will leave you feeling revitalized and energetic.
$60 (60 min)

Thai Massage

Developed by monks in ancient Thailand, Thai massage was used to keep them healthy and prepare them for long hours of meditation. In modern times, Thai massage has been found to assist the average person in daily life by inspiring this same meditative state of mind. During the treatment, a series of stretches are performed with pressure along various muscles and meridian pathways. This massage is a must for those who need to loosen up, expand their state of mind and their physical flexibility.
$60 (60 min integrated w/Shiatsu)

Tui Na & Reiki

One of the oldest forms of bodywork, a Tui Na massage is designed to regulate the flow of 'ki' or 'vital force' by using pressure, range of motion stretches, percussion and vibration. Reiki is a powerful energy healing method which channels 'rei-ki' or 'subtle energy' into the body to harmonize imbalances and tonify deficiencies. Clients can experience intense, deep relaxation and even altered states of consciousness.

$60 (one hour Tui Na & Reiki)
$60 (one hour Tui Na and Shiatsu)
$60 (one hour Reiki and Shiatsu)

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